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Prophecy Given 1/98 Hyde Park, NY Conference

For the old has passed away and I would do a new thing in My people. But as the Israelites came out of Egypt and left the old behind; even that which was familiar; I call you and cause you to leave yesterday behind.

I call you to leave your hurts, bruises, and woundedness behind.

Leave behind the broken marriages, the broken vows, the failures, sins, let it go! Let it go!

Let sin consciousness depart. Let the voices from the past that speak to you and haunt you and torment your mind be broken. Let the circle of sin and death stop.

Let bitter root expectancies go. For you have said negative words, My people, and have had negative experiences. I would call and cause you to speak life into your life and into those lives around you. I would call and cause you to change your confession, to change your expectancy.

I would give you hope. I would break the barriers and set you free - but you must come with Me.

You must leave the past and step into the now, for I am a God of the now and I am moving!

Where will you be? Where will you stay? Will you come with me?

Will you come away, My beloved, to the place that I have for you and break the spirit of the past?

I can not give you the future unless you let go of the past, even if it's painful and has been tormenting your mind.

There have been those who have disappointed, betrayed and abandoned you. You have gnawed and chewed at it like a dog would gnaw at an old bone. But, my son, it has lost it's flavor and I would give you sweet meat. Let go, my son, let go. I'm speaking to you, speaking to you. Let go.

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