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As the seasons come and go, in the seasons there is My light and love. For I would pour out My Spirit into your heart and release you from bondage.

For this is the day, this is the day I have made! And My Spirit is moving upon the face of the earth and that which is dead within you will come to life, for I will put joy in your Spirit. You will rejoice in My presence!

It is a season of joy, singing and praise and as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west - so shall I come and rise in your heart and surely I shall catch you away -- draw you to Me. I shall catch you away into My presence!

Clouds are forming on the horizon - as small as a man's hand. Believe now in faith that the rains are coming and even now here.

Weep not but rejoice. For in the clouds My glory shall be revealed, the manifestations of My presence. Seek not the face of man, but draw near to Me and receive the revelation of the love I have for you. You are precious in My sight. The rains are coming and even now here. Allow the rain to refresh, renew, restore and reclaim that which has been lost. Soak in My presence.

Draw near to Me as your source and delight as My bride. Hold nothing back but allow Me to dress you in Holy attire, altogether beautiful, glorious to behold, My bride - Hallelujah!

Yeah, the time is coming for soon, and very soon you shall see, My children, that which I am about to bring forth in the earth. There are changes taking place even now. As you look around at your life, as you look to the world and as you look to the sky, do you feel the changes? Do you feel the changes even within your own body? Do you feel things are different than they used to be?

People are different and the world is different. You're living in a different time and a different place and surely as you see the changes, know that I am coming soon. For there is that which I am going to shake and shake and shake. But, I am calling you to a stable place. I'm calling you to a secret place and you shall not be shaken in this place. The place I'm bringing you to is founded on solid rock. You shall not be afraid of that which is about to come to pass.

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