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Are you lame, are you blind? Are you thirsty, are you weary? Are you troubled, are you in mourning? Come to Me, My children, come to Me.

For surely I shall give you the solace that you need. I will open your eyes that you would see.

For surely that which is lame shall be made whole.

The crooked path you have tread upon , surely I shall go before you and straighten out that which is crooked.

I call you to the place in Me, the place of healing and deliverance. I call you to the place of clear sight, freedom, liberty. I call you unto Myself. For I shall move in a new dimension in these times.

Rejoice, oh Zion, Rejoice! For the recompense of the wicked- rejoice!

For I am revealing a new dimension of My love and power. For My love is My glory, spreading forth to the right and the left, changing, but always the same.

I would have you not look back at yesterday - for yesterday is yesterday - it will stifle that which I am about to do.

Step forward with a new boldness and speak.

Do not be afraid - be released! The shofar has sounded, let the jubilee begin! Lean upon your Beloved, you who are sick with love.

For He shall take you to the waters of life.

Rejoice, oh People of Zion, Rejoice! Your King is coming again. He comes with healing in His wings. Has He not told you in His Word that He is coming again? The King, His majesty, the Lord of Glory, the Bright Morning Star is coming again. As darkness covers the earth and things happen that we do not understand, keep your eyes and heart centered on Him. He shall come and bring peace. He shall bring His life and presence in the midst of darkness. Shall He not be exalted among His people? He shall set your heart on fire. As you look toward the eastern gate you shall see the Son of Righteousness with healing on His wings.

In His wings and in His presence will be fullness of joy. That which has hindered, enslaved, and captured you, shall leave in the presence of My glory. As you look towards Me, darkness shall flee and confusion go.

You shall know a peace, a power, that you've never felt before. I would have you free with a new song in you heart. As you look towards Me and spend time with Me, surely you shall run and not be weary, walk and not faint. This time I am going to empower My people, setting them free. They shall arise and run.

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