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For I would have you attentive of that which I am about to do. You will hear a rustling in the mulberry tree. You will look at the wind and feel a change for it is a time of change. I am going to move in a new dimension but there are many who will not follow Me.

They say with their lips: "I desire all that You have, Lord. I want to follow You Lord". But their hearts are far from Me.

I call you that it is a time to examine your hearts for the heart is exceedingly wicked. There is much deception in My people. There are those things they are not even in touch with.

I would come again as a surgeon. I would come as their Lover. I would come as the Healer and remove that thing that needs to be removed. I would remove that part of the heart that is dead. I would remove the part that is hard and the part where there is no blood flow. For surely I will heal My people.

I shall shake and shall shake and I shall shake and that which falls to the ground, that which does not last, shall not be. But I shall cause those that My hand has been upon to prosper and they shall look at Me and they shall know Me and they shall do exploits.

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