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"A word aptly spoken and in its proper season
is as lovely as apples of gold in a silver setting" Proverbs 25:11

For over twenty years, God has used Mary Winchell to minister the message of hope and restoration found within the love and power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Her prayer is that Holy Spirit would fulfill the Word in Isaiah 61 "To bind up the broken hearted and set the captives free". God has used Mary through teaching, exhortation, prayer, counseling, healing and restoration in Idaho, New York State, North Carolina, Tennessee, Bermuda, England, China and other Far East countries. Via the radio broadcast outreach, "Amazing Love", Mary shares the Word of God through teaching and music. Whether she is ministering at a retreat, day conference or over radio broadcasts, her messages challenge and inspire us to a expanded and deeper understanding of God's amazing love for us.

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Walking in Faith When Adversity Strikes - Psalm 40 - Trust God and see the foundation you stand on in a new perspective.

God has a Plan For Your Life - Live in expectancy of the good things God has for you. Learn to recognize His blessings and plans.

  Faith in Adversity

God Has a Plan

Enter the Blessings, Break the Curse - Are you open to sanctification, changes God has to take to be free to enter the blessings? Challenging message.

Uncover Deceptions in Our Lives - What a surprise to find out what we thought, saw, heard were totally incorrect! Learn to guard yourself from deception.

  Entering the Blessings

Uncovering Deceptions(real player)

Fruitfulness, Winning the War Against the Flesh - What are you growing in the garden of your life? Message on weeding our garden.

Holiness, Guard Yourself Against Defilement - God wants us to pattern ourselves after His Son. As we approach the last days, an onslaught of darkness and unclean spirits are being poured out upon the earth. Learn to guard yourself from defilement.

  Fruitfulness(real player)

Holiness / Defilement(real player)

Sifting Through Priorities by God's Spirit - There is not enough time in our lives to do all the things we want to do. Guilt can detour healthy priorities. Are your priorities out of order? A lesson on Biblical balance in a busy world.

Breaking Boundaries of Spiritual Blindness - Your eyes can have visual problems. We also have spiritual vision. How is your vision? We need clear vision to see God's path for us.

  Sifting Through Priorities

Breaking Boundaries

Finding God's Secret Place When Winds Blow: Message on preparing for the winds blowing naturally and spiritually without being shaken.

Victory Over Past Failures and Pain - From Hebrews, a message about running a race removing memory recall. Past can detour and stop personal growth. Teaching releases fresh strength in Christ.

  God's Secret Place

Victory Over Past

Develop Spiritual Maturity - What happens when you yield to God and obey His voice? A message about going further in the faith walk.

Perseverance - Becoming an Overcomer - Hold fast! Don't doubt--don't fear! Mary shares important thoughts on how to stay an overcomer.

  Develop Spiritual Maturity


A Study on Angels I and II. - God extends His care for our lives through His ministering angels. Enjoy this message about the wonderful unseen world of the Lord.   Study on Angels I

Study on Angels II

Get Closer to Jesus - A thought provoking message about removing the barriers that keep us from a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

Walking in Love

  Be Closer to Jesus(real player)

Walking in Love(real player)

Live Conference - (49 min.) New Vision - Break through past obstacles and future barriers to grasp a new vision from God for your life!

Live Conference - (390 min.) Sing a New Song - A retreat message about changes in our lives that will bear Godly fruit. An in depth, personal teaching on choices, relationships and unforgiveness.

  Conference: "New Vision"(real player)

Conference: "Sing a New Song"(real player)

Surviving Drought and Lack of Joy - Life has many phases. Believers struggle in adversity to hold on to their joy. Learn God's keys to hold fast to your joy.

Inward Critique Process - Is God trying to change you? How well do you deal with issues within your heart. Join Mary as she shares from the book of Matthew how to remove the "specks in the eye".

  Surviving Drought/No Joy

Inward Critique Process

Keys of Hope for End Time Situations - As we look aroud the world, evil appears to escalate. Mary shares about the larger picture of Christ returning and overcoming evil.

Removing fear - Releasing faith - Fear is a normal reaction for circumstances of life. But as Christians we can release faith when fear comes upon us. Listen as Mary shares from the Word of God a faith message.

  Remove Fear Layers

Hope in Endtime Situations

Strength in Tragedy - Find strength in the Word of God in the times of tragedy. Mary shares from personal experience keys to handling difficult seasons of life.

The Beatitudes - Handling Loss and Loneliness - Mary talks about the keys Jesus shares in the beatitudes the hope for God's children who suffer loss and lonliness.

  Strength in Tragedy

The Loss/Lonliness Path

Love & Marriage - An uplifting and refreshing look at marriage through God's eyes of love.

"It's Not Working Lord, Now What Do I Do?" - Are you facing problems with health, finances, relationships? God uses these times in our lives to bring us to stability. A program to let you see beyond the circumstance, to see a vision for tomorrow.

  It's Not working Lord(real player)

Love and Marriage

Relationship Repair - David knew the closeness of the Lord. Although he battled with pride, lust, adultery, he knew the forgiveness and mercy of the Lord. A message of hope for those struggling to overcome sin and bring mending to brokeness.

Broken Promises -God desires that we prosper. He wants to give us the desires of our hearts. Sometimes our choices are from a heart that needs to change. A message on dealing with choices we have made in relationships that have brought us pain. Mary shares how to choose the correct heart desires from the Lord.

  Relationship Repair(real player)

Broken Promises(real player)

Dry Bones - The Word says a broken spirit dries up the bones. Many physical problems are related to the sufferings within our soul. God can restore an individual to completeness - ministering to both body and soul! An exciting message from Ezekial 37.

Free from Affliction - The Word in Isaiah says that Jesus took our infirmities and carried away our diseases. Learn how Christ overcame affliction for us.

  Dry Bones(real player)

Free from Affliction(real player)

Heal Me - What does God say about healing? The music shared on this program will bless you. The teaching that Mary shares will enrich you!

God Will Make a Way - Message for those times when we can not see a way out of our problems.

  Heal Me

God Will Make a Way(real player)

Sowing & Reaping Principles - Do you need to understand some of the dynamics behind difficult times? Mary teaches how the Lord intercedes for us through good times, bad times.

Guilt Free Living - Guilt makes people act strange! Learn to identify the characteristics of guilt and to walk in the freedom of forgiveness.

  Sowing & Reaping

Guilt Free Living (real player)

Overcoming Negative Thinking - Did you ever feel discouraged about yourself? Helpful hints to switch from looking inward to upward focusing on Christ.

Acceptable to God - Many Christians find themselves unknowingly following rules, performing tasks hoping to be made acceptable to God. This teaching tape identifies this deception and teaches how to enter complete rest and the unconditional love of Lord.

  Overcome Negative

Acceptable to God

Strengthening Your Grip on Patience - Developing patience starts when you're in traffic bumper to bumper and you're late for an appointment! Mary teaches how to abide in the vine - Jesus.

Strengthening Your Grip on Faith - This teaching tape reveals the aspects of unbelief within an individual. It contains practical applications on how to be free to walk in faith and receive His blessings.

  Lessons / Patience

Lessons / Faith (real player)

Receiving Unconditional Love - What can separate us from God's love? According to the Word - nothing! Discover in this teaching the real you that the creator made and enter His unconditional love.

Revealing False God/Father Perception - There is not a detail about us that God does not know! God is intimately concerned for us. Unveil barriers and see God as loving Dad.

  Receiving God's Love

Revealing False God Image

Deepening our Relationship with God - Is Jesus Christ your personal Savior? Learn about the "personal" relationship we can have in Christ.

Grace Consciousness - Galatians 5. God desires that we live in His grace (unearned favor) not under law. Legalism can be a trap. Learn how to avoid this snare.

  Relationship / God (real player)

Grace Consciousness (real player)

Victory in Jesus - the Restoration of Expectancy - A message that will replace the despair and self pity you may be facing with joyous expectancy.

Breakthroughs in Praise - God has a plan for each life. Learn to recognize and prepare yourself for what God has for you.

  Victory in Jesus

Breakthrough in Praise (real player)

In Christ - Prepare for New Times - The wedding is coming soon and we are invited. Listen and find out how you can get ready for this exciting event?

Even So Come - Wedding Invitation - God wants to make us new, filled with the new life of His presence. A message about what new changes are ready for us.

  New Beginnings(real player)

Even So Come(real player)

Understand Kingdom Living - With over 137 references to the kingdom in the New Testament alone - learn kingdom principles for daily living.

Receive a Bountiful Harvest in Christ - We are God's garden, to be well watered and clear of thorns, thistles. Learn how to bring forth a bountiful harvest.

  Kingdom Living (real player)

Receive a Harvest

Make My Life a Miracle - Little foxes in life steal joy and love. Discover the areas of denial, anger, disappointment that nibble at your fruit.

To Be Holy as He is Holy - Negative thoughts can bring devastation into life - defiling you. Learn how to walk a holy life free from negative defilement.

  Make My Life a Miracle

To Be Holy As God Is

Entering the School of God's Training - Are you being trained for righteousness? Find out how God trains his servants.

God's Steps to Remodel Lives - A scriptural message about how God redecorates and rebuilds individuals.

  Entering God's School

Remodeling Lives

Overcoming Emptiness - God's mighty love restores, heals, produces miracles to all it reaches. A message that will fill the empty heart!

Overcoming Weariness - God's grace is sufficient - even in weakness! Come up higher in your relationship with the Lord if you feel weary. Mary looks God's goodness, exposing distorted realities within our minds to be renewed by the Word.

  Overcoming Emptiness (real player)

Overcoming Weariness

Taming the Tongue - Peace is described in the Word as a precious oil of healing pouring over an individual. When the tongue has self control it will bring peace into our homes, jobs, relationships.

Dealing with Anxiety - Life is complicated, filled with pressures that can cause anxiety and fear. When plans don't work out - the temptation is to complain or give up! Learn about overcoming in faith and rest.

  Taming the Tongue

Dealing with Anxiety

God Isn't Dead - A strong message about the reality of God and the invisible world around us. The time is now to know who He is, to turn to Him, choose His truth.

Forgiveness - Mary has a unique gift in teaching individuals how to forgive even in the most difficult of circumstances.

  God Isn't Dead


Discernment: Thought Realm Direction - Bring every thought under Christ's dominion, remove mind mountains with the Word.

Discernment: Choices in Life - A teaching on hearing God. Learn to recognize between thoughts influenced by selfishness, unforgiveness, judgments, the demonic and the spirit of God.

  Discern Your Thoughts

Discern God's Choices

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