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Linda Louise Spilling - Coordinator The Lord is preparing His people for eternity. He is preparing them to be mature sons and daughters and not stay as small children. The work He is doing is a deep heart work and involves His Spirit touching the minds and souls as well as the spirit within man. It is a powerful work that releases people to be and do what they were created for. This type of work is done in many ways by the Lord. He can do it sovereignly, through circumstances, and through God's servants carrying His anointing, for the task. God has revealed to us in Amazing Love that this deep heart work is the type of work we do in God's Kingdom. God has released His anointing upon Mary Winchell and the Amazing Love team to touch lives powerfully by His Spirit and to bring change in lives.

God spoke to us that this kind of anointing was like gold because it represents change within people to bring them to holiness. Another picture the Lord gave me was of the Tabernacle with it's three courts: the outer court, the inner court and the Holy of Holies. When God begins to work in people at an Amazing Love event, He takes the willing believer to a closer experience with Him - not just an outer court meeting - but drawing them into the inner court where they can get to know Him more personally. There God releases a powerful anointing of His love that penetrates the distortions and wounds of the mind to bring restoration, reality, and healing. All of us at Amazing Love rejoice as we see tremendous results in the individuals who attend an event or listen to the radio programs. Those individuals actually look and talk differently - expressing hope and a positive view of life despite adverse circumstances!

Much of this work is done by the release of God's anointing through the prophetic message. The areas that people need to deal with or the information they desire may be hidden from their knowledge. When God releases a specific word for an individual, it is like opening a locked door. The Lord fills the room within a person's life with His glorious light of healing and hope. We have also seen God give a word of direction and insight for the future corporately as well as individually.

God has called Amazing Love to prepare His church for the final hour. He has placed upon it a unique anointing to deliver His children from hindrances in their lives and release them to higher realms of His love and presence. Many will not be able to stand in the end times unless they cry out to God and ask Him to change and prepare them. Press past the fears and obstacles within yourself and seek God. He is faithful to finish the work He began in you. All of us at Amazing Love care about you! If you'd like more information on the the outreach of Amazing Love or have prayer requests, send us a message to the address below.

Linda Louise Spilling - Coordinator

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