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Prophecy Given on 6/10/97

A new world army...marching orders from the King! Prepare for war. Marching feet, marching feet from every tribe and nation. Do you hear the call? Emancipation. Free from fear, free from doubt. Freedom to the people of God. Free from fear, alone no more. Consecrated to a Holy call. Arise oh sleeper, hear the voice of the one crying out in the wilderness: Prepare ye the way of the Lord. For in a new dimension I'm about to move. Surely as the sun rises that which is familiar will become unfamiliar, that which is unfamiliar will become familiar.

Release My people, let them go all who would divert them from My voice. You will listen to the stranger no longer, for My sheep know my voice. So arise oh sleeper, the time is now to move. Be released from your bondage. The voice of man no longer to fear...awake to a holy call. For I would have you see that you've walked and stumbled in the dark as one with blindfolds on your eyes. You have said: Where are You Lord, where are You? I'm seeking You but I don't feel anything and I don't see anything. At times I feel dead inside, I don't feel alive anymore.

My child, My child, I have given you life. I am the Truth and the Life and the Way. That which causes you to grieve, that which causes you to mourn, shall be no more. For as you step into the light of My love and the new dimension of the move of My Spirit, your tears shall dry on your face and a smile shall come on your face. Joy shall come and joy shall flow out of your innermost being. You will even say to yourself: I am happy and I don't even know why. Why am I so joyful? My life hasn't changed. I would say that you have changed, for that which I do in you is a transforming work. You shall not grieve, for that grief that you carried for so many years is not there anymore.


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