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Christmas 2000 Prophetic Message:

Sing my children sing!

For I would have you rejoice in Me, for this is a time of dancing!

I call you to dance in a time even when darkness abounds.

I call you to dance and worship Me and as you dance and as you worship Me in Spirit and in truth; surely you shall see the heavens break and the radiance of My glory and My presence shall surely be revealed to you.

I call you to a deeper level of praise and worship; that you would worship me in the deepest part of your being for I'm about to give revelation to My church.

There is a change coming very quickly, very quickly and you'll say, "Where am I and what's really happening in my life?" For I am going to change things you never thought would change.

I call you to intercede for there are things that are about to come to pass that will come as a shock to you. But I would not have you shocked, for your confidence is in Me, your faith is in Me.

So be not in despair of those things you would see changing around you, those things you trusted in when they are exposed to the light.

Be not disappointed, but I call you to look towards Me;
for am I not your Savior,
for am I not your Redeemer,
for am I not your Good Shepherd?

For I would take you to a new land, a new place in Me.

So be not dismayed, know that I work.

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