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Changing seasons, changing times, changing our lives, as the sun sets. For there is the setting of the sun that's about to take place. For that which is from man is about to rest. The King is coming very shortly. And He is coming, He is coming with healing in His wings. And manifestation of the sons of God shall surely take place upon the earth.

For that which is dark is getting darker and shall be darker, but that which rises in the east is a sign. Surely the light shall come across this land and that which is dark shall be dark no longer. The hearts of men have been crying out in intercession and crying to the throne of God, "Come Lord Jesus, come Lord Jesus". And surely I shall come, I shall come and you shall see Me as I come for there is a manifestation of My glory that shall come upon this earth that man has not seen.

So be not afraid when you hear the rustle in the mulberry trees. Be not afraid when the wind shall blow and you shall feel it and say, "Can I stand, can I stand, oh God?". For surely the wind is blowing very hard but know at that moment that the wind shall blow, I shall stabilize you and you shall be a sign to the nations.

For yea, I would take you into the land of milk and honey, a land where you shall not strive. For that place I would bring you to is a place of rest, a place of peace and I would take you to the innermost court.

It is the inner court and private place, in the secret place of the Most High that I will restore your soul. And that which has torn you, that which has bruised you, that which causes torment in your mind shall be no longer.

I call you to a deeper walk. So despise not that which I am doing in you. Rebuke not the devourer, but know that I am taking you to a new place in Me. So be not afraid, My children, be not afraid, for I would do a new thing within each one of you that is so unique, so special, so individual. For I know you each by name, I know you intimately and I know that thing, that sin that has beset you. As you come to Me, as you abandon yourself to Me, surely that sin shall be no more.

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