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I shall strengthen you for these end days, for this is the time of My coming. And be not afraid of the faces of men. The fear of men shall be rampant in the land and many shall die of anxiety and fear. Know I shall give you My peace and you shall triumph over that which would steal your life and you shall not die, but shall live and declare My glory.

Many shall come and go in My name and say Lord, Lord and I shall say to them: "Depart from Me, I never knew you. For did you not read My Book, did you not read My Word? Did you not hear My Word? Many have spoken My Word, but you did not heed . When I spoke to you, you ignored what I was saying to you. You ignored what I was trying to show you and you went your own way". But know that in these end times surely that which is hidden shall come to the light. And those who have been walking in a false path shall be no more.

So do not despair when you shall see changes, changes as the wind blows. Be not afraid as you see the chaff fall as the wind blows, for surely this is My plan. For that which is of Me shall stand. But seek My face in these times. Seek My face and be not afraid, be not afraid of the changing seasons even in your own life for know that even the latter times shall be better than the former times.

I'm going to move in a different way than you've seen Me move before. Do not think of the past. Let go of the past, for I'm going to take you a different way than you've gone before. For these are changing times and changing seasons. Be not "stuck" in old habits, in your way of relating to people, in the ways you do things. For I am going to move in a new creative way. For surely as you see the new technology and engineering taking place, and as you see illumination coming down from Heaven, know that in the realm of the Spirit I am moving in a new way. For surely all creativity comes from Me.

So hear My voice and heed what I'm saying to you. For that which was of yesterday was yesterday. That which is of today is today. I'm moving in a new realm so I call you up higher. I call you to listen to Me and be not afraid. Don't look back at yesterday. Don't look back and try to find a frame of reference that worked before. For that which worked before will work no longer. For I am separating the wheat from the chaff. Those under the old anointing shall flow under the old anointing, but you My children, I have called to the fresh anointing.

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