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For yeah this is the day I have made and I will have you rejoice in it and be glad in it. For though the winds blow; though the north winds blow, though the east winds blow; I call My people to a place of stability in Me - believing in My word, believing in Me. They are not to be moved by circumstances, feelings, nor thoughts outside My Word. For this is the time I would establish My people. I would have them come to a place in Me where they will not be moved. I am calling you forth from a place of fragility to a place of stability.

I'm going to establish my church and it shall not shake. You shall not wither and you shall not fall or be bruised. I call you out from this world, out from the tears and I would shower My love upon you. I will pour My anointing upon you and that which is against you is against Me.

Come, My beloved, come, My bride, come away to the secret place. Come away with Me for though the winds blow and the storm rages, you shall not be wounded, you shall not be bruised and I shall keep you as the apple of My eye.

I would call My children to come into a close relationship with Me. That which was sufficient for yesterday is not sufficient today. There is a drawing of My Spirit. I am pulling My children closer, closer and closer. I would have your heart be My heart, My breath be your breath and My words be your words. As you allow Me to be who "I Am" within you - we shall be one. As you see a couple dance across the floor as one - so surely shall we become as one and the rhythm of My Spirit shall flow through your body and your spirit. We shall do many wonderful things.

Yea, for this is a time I'm calling My people to Me to be nurtured. I will feed them, and caress them. I will meet all their needs according to My riches in glory. For those who are satisfied and do not need more of Me, I'm calling My people to desire more - for those that will follow. If you desire more, surely I will give you more. Spend more time with Me, for I shall nurture you more. You shall know My love and you shall know My protection. Even as a favorite child - you shall be My favorite child.

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