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My children, I am a consuming fire, but I'm calling you to place of security, a place of comfort in Me. For surely the world will not give you what you're seeking. You have been left downtrodden, you have felt rejected, and what was secure is no longer secure. What you have trusted in you can no longer trust in. You feel at times abandoned, as one forsaken. Though your mother and father forsake you, I will not forsake you. I will call you as a hen that gathers her chicks unto Myself. I call the one who would come away to Myself.

There is a wind coming and My children, it's a dangerous wind. I call you to come closer and closer to Me. For surely as the wind blow, I will cover you with My pinions and no evil will fall on your house.

Do not despair when you hear those things that others would say. Do not despair when you hear the fear in the air and read of the fear. There are many voices that would have you distressed. I call you to pray for those in authority. There shall be change. It shall be as a changing of the seasons.

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